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  • The Other Side
    Welcome to "The Other Side". Join our team of paranormal investigators as they reveal a unique First Nations twist on Canada's scariest ghost stories. Catch up online with APTN!
  • Jeff Richards
    Our Hosts - Jeff Richards is a well-known intuitive who is sensitive to the paranormal. He uses contact ceremonies, pendulums and his highly developed inner knowing to respectfully contact "The Other Side".
  • Priscilla Wolf
    Our Hosts - Priscilla Wolf is an APTN news veteran who is tasked with digging up the truth behind each incident that the team investigates.
  • Bill
    Our Hosts - Bill "Paranorbill" Connelly is our Paranormal Bad Boy. He searches for evidence of the paranormal using technology.
  • Tom Charles
    Our Hosts - Tom Charles is our Elder and Guide on "The Other Side". His traditional knowledge is adding unparalleled depth to understanding the spirit world.

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The Other Side

Native culture accepts that spirits move among us all the time. But, it can be disconcerting when they enter our lives. The Other Side is a half-hour documentary television series that follows Jeff Richards, a mentalist who is of First Nations ancestry, and his team of paranormal investigators in their pursuit to make contact with Canada’s most unsettled spirits.

The first season will explore the ghost stories of Saskatchewan. We invite you to share in the journey of Jeff, Bill “Paranorbill” Connelly, Priscilla Wolf and Tom Charles as they try to understand what they encounter in the context of the indigenous culture of the land. Follow them to the locations of some of the most infamous ghost sightings on the Canadian prairies. We will also be inviting our audience to share your own encounters with the spirit world and how your culture gives you a way to understand your experience.

Will Jeff and his team bring peace to the restless spirits they meet throughout their travels? Will they convince you ghosts are real? Be prepared for the unexpected and sometimes startling ghost stories we will tell. And bring a friend, you might not want to watch this series alone.

Visit APTN to catch up on past episodes or to check the schedule to find out when to watch!

NOW also looking for real ghost stories and haunted locations in Manitoba for Season 2!

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