13 Things I Have Learned about the Spirit World

I have conducted contact rituals across Canada – and I have learned a lot about the relationship between our world and communicating with the other side.
Here are “13 things I have learned about the spirit world” by Jeff Richards:
1. Ghosts and spirits are real. They are not only able, but in many cases willing to communicate with us.
2. Spirits are frequently unaware that they are dead.
3. Time moves differently in the spirit world and they are not bound by the human concepts of time. Years, days and months have no bearing in the afterlife.
4. Spirits can manipulate available energy to manifest and affect the physical world. They may use personal energy or energy from a power source like an outlet or a battery.
5. Each entity will communicate in their own way, and communication tools (such as pendulums or spirit boxes) only work if the spirit is open to them. Keep trying different techniques until you find the most comfortable way to communicate.
6. A spirit may not choose to manifest itself as its appearance at the time of death.
7. Spirits are capable of all human emotions and tendencies. This includes lying, so please exercise caution.
8. The longer a spirit is deceased, the more muddied the memory of their life becomes. After death, much is forgotten.
9. Spirits can attach themselves to objects as well as people.
10. Spirits are not always present in one location. They come and go.
11. It is possible to use a physical object or memento to elicit a response from a spirit.

12. For the best response, approach spirits with respect and an open mind.

13. Malevolent spirits can hurt you physically, emotionally or spiritually.  If you feel that you are dealing with a negative energy a great deal of caution and care must be exercised. Failure to do so could lead to great harm.

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One comment

  • Sheri Lowe September 28, 2013  

    I totally agree with your 13 points. I had dealings with malevolent spirits or entities as a teenagerangd and into my young adulthood. I learned a lot the hard way, especially how to block unwanted energies. I am not convinced one can totally rid oneself of malevolent energies once they have attached themselves to you but I believe we can decrease their power over us. I was spared and I am thankful. Many young people who are unfortunate enough to get get entangled do not live through it or if they are lucky enough to survive suffer damage by the experience.