502 - Fortress of Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Extra Research for Season 5 – Episode 2 – Specter of a Soldier

Rebuilt as a national historic site in 1961, the Fortress of Louisbourg was originally built by the French in 1713, where it stood above the rocky shores of the Atlantic in the southeast of what is now Cape Breton. Following a design created by the chief engineer of French King Louis XIV, the fortress was […]

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Bonus Videos from Season 5 – Episode 1 – The Unnameable

Bonus clip #1 (above): The history of the attic (& the spirit that it contains) featured in the first episode of Season 5 of The Other Side during a paranormal investigation on Lennox Island, PEI & the Mi’kmaq community, cultural centre & pow wow circle that were featured. Bonus clip #2: A highly tense moment during the […]

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501 - Canoe Lennox Island Mi’kmaq Cultural Centre

Extra Research for Season 5 – Episode 1 – The Unnameable

History The Mi’kmaq people have inhabited the land in Prince Edward Island for over 10,000 years.  The people lived very differently from how they do today.  They lived a simple life.  At the time the Mi’kmaq only hunted and gathered enough food to provide for their people.  No part of the animal they hunted was […]

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