Approaching Spirits with Respect

There is a certain degree of ethics and responsibility that must be considered when attempting to make contact with spirits. I firmly believe that you must approach all contact sessions with the utmost respect not only for any entities that may be present, but for the location. You must remember that the spirits you are potentially dealing with were once alive. These are In most cases people, who have passed on, and should be respected as you would a living breathing person.


You should take care to never be disrespectful of the space, artifacts or articles that may be present, or the spirit directly. A moment of disrespect could lead to a spirit that acts out in a violent or aggressive fashion, or one that simply refuses to continue to communicate with you.


Early in our production and work on this series we found ourselves in a incredible location. Naturally the crew was moving in and setting up large amounts of recording and transmission equipment, installing cameras etc. There were light interactions occurring behind the scenes between cast and crew. Comments were being made about the space and the artifacts in the location. Our first night saw limited activity and little communication. I sincerely feel that it was due in part to an initial disrespect of the space. I feel that the spirits present were uninterested in communicating with us because of how we approached their “home”.


Often I will see other investigators really approaching the spirits in a particularly harsh or abrasive manner. While this may play to the “bad boy”  tough as nails image of the investigators, it’s just not practical. More over, its offensive in nature. Please, if you are trying to communicate with a deceased person regardless of contact method you’re using, be respectful.


Consider this, at one point this was someone’s family member. A grandparent, a mother, a father, a brother, a child. Think of your relatives who may have passed — how  would you want them to be spoken to? More importantly how would you speak to them? Likely with love and respect. Mirror this in your communications.


Occasionally there is a spirit you may contact which will be difficult or aggressive. In these instances a strong approach may be necessary. The occasions in which this approach is taken are rare, and doing so, is at your own risk. Spirits can be powerful in nature, and you can never be sure to what degree a spirit that has been approached in an aggressive or disrespectful manner may react and lash out.


Always carry respect and love in your heart and your communications will not only be successful – but you will be able to know that you are approaching this work and the communication process in a manner that is responsible.

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