Bonus videos from Season 4 – Episode 11 – Dark Water

Bonus clip #1 (above): Intuitive Jeff Richards spends time in the Old Hay Bay Church before the first night of the paranormal investigation at this location to see what kinds of initial impressions he can get. Bonus clip #2: During the first night of the investigation, Jeff and Michaella step outside of the church with caretaker Phil […]

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411 - Memorial Stone - Old Hay Bay Church - The Other Side TV

Extra Research for Season 4 – Episode 11 – Dark Water

29 August 1819 The Dead Peter Lent Bogart (age 17) Elizabeth (Betsy) Clark Mary Cole Mary Jerusha (age 20) Jane Sophia Detlor (age 12) John (age 20) and Jane German (age 18) Elizabeth (Betsy) McCay (Macoy) Huldah Madden Matilda Roblin (age 18)   The Old Hay Bay Church is the oldest surviving Methodist building in […]

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