Do you need to conduct a paranormal investigation in the dark?

I’m often asked if it is crucial for paranormal work to take place in the dark or at night.


Good friend and colleague Bill “Paranorbill” Connelly once told a reporter that the only reason ghost hunters and paranormal investigators work in the evening was because they all have day jobs and the only time they can do paranormal work is at night.


A lot of locations that are said to be haunted are also busy public places. This can be a hindrance for investigative work.  If you’re trying to record EVP evidence, communicate via raps or even monitor EMF levels, all of these could be affected by a heavy concentration of the living present during daylight hours.


It has also been speculated and said that the “veil” between the spirit world and our own world is the “thinnest” during the period between midnight and 3am.  I do not believe this to be true.  The “veil” is a living concept.  Spirits are present at all points of the day. It is entirely possible to conduct an investigation during the day and in full light. In fact one of our most successful contact sessions while shooting took place in the middle of the afternoon.


That being said, my preference is to work at night.  Personally – I believe that spirits are more active when the moon is present.  There is a degree of “magick” inherent in the moon.  It is a symbol of birth, the cycle of life, and death. I don’t fully understand why – but I do believe that the moon’s presence and cycles strongly influence spirits and their ability to communicate with us.  For that reason I do believe that nighttime is a much more affective period to communicate.


It is truly possible to make contact at any time if the conditions are right, your mind is open, and the spirits are willing to speak with you.

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