Can I See Dead People?

A number of years ago a reporter asked me point blank – can you see the dead?  To be more specific his question was phrased in much the same way the young boy in the movie “The Sixth Sense” confessed to Bruce Willis’ Doctor character about his ability.


“Can you see dead people?” (cue creepy music).


Not always…


Can I communicate with dead people?


The answer to this question is complicated.  While I do not possess the ability to form a direct connection to another persons deceased loved ones. I am able to work with energies both human and spirit in a given location. I may be able to walk into an area and receive direct information about the space intuitively or psychically. It is important to be able to filter out the noise of the space, and pay attention to the details that are presented.


This is not something that is beyond your ability as a you read this.  Intuition is something that can be grown so that a greater level of effectiveness might be achieved. Everyone is indeed born with an intuitive sense, and what I posses, is really no different than what anyone else in the world is able to do. I was born with more of an aptitude for it, and I have worked hard to fine tune it.


When coming into a location for the first time I like to spend time alone in the space with a notebook.  It is during this time that I begin what I call “free writing”. I sit comfortably, I focus my intention and energy on communicating with the energy of the space, and I begin to write. Words, phrases, dates, numbers, letters, all will come through the writing. There have been occasions where the information given is in a totally different language. There have been instances where the communication is almost conversational.


Jeff Richards at WDMThe amount of time this can take varies greatly.


At one of our first investigations on “The Other Side”, I began my session and finished in what felt to me to be 15 minutes of time. A bundle full of notes came out of the session and I went back to base to speak with our director Rob King.  Rob was shocked to see me. “I thought you’d never come out of there” he said, “you were gone for an hour and forty five minutes”. This shocked me, as I had never before experienced such a large chunk of “missing time”.


While performing contact sessions and investigations spirits have spoken directly to me, communicated to me using tools (pendulums, EMF meters, etc), and manifested themselves physically. While I do not consider myself to be a “spirit medium” in the most classic sense of the title. I am an intuitive. I consider myself someone who is in touch with his intuitive skill set. I possess a deep understanding of how to “listen” to the energies present in a location. At the root, I am a facilitator for the contact made with the other side, and occasionally a conduit. It is possible to be all of these things yourself.  If you’re open and willing.

Can I see the dead? Not always. Can I communicate with them? Yes – of course I can. But then again – so can you.

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