Do Demons Exist?

Do demons exist? Are they trying to take possession of human souls and wage war with us? In a word. No. At least not to my understanding.


Personally, I feel like the term “demon” gets handed out too quickly by paranormal investigators. Because a spirit becomes aggressive, attacks physically, or seems to have a darkened mischievous streak – that does not imply that something demonic is at work. What it does imply I feel is that the spirit in question is doing one of two things.


  • Acting out of frustration: Communication between the living and the dead isn’t easy for either side. Imagine the frustration you experience when trying to communicate with a living friend or associate and your message isn’t being received by them. Now imagine you are doing that same process of communication via text message, but the messages don’t always seem to get through. Now imagine you’re doing it all on a cell phone from 1995. You would undoubtedly become frustrated with the process.


  • They are trying to intimidate. The spirit may be trying to posture and use scare tactics to get you to leave its space. Just as we get territorial in the living world – I imagine on a different plain of existence this is also true.


In instances where there seems to be a demonic presence I truly believe that what we simply have is a human spirit posing as a demon, or we are simply applying that label ourselves. That’s not however too say that demons do not exist. My personal thought however – if there truly were demonic forces at work, their power would far surpass any of the manifestations I have seen to date. They would eradicate us. They would literally destroy everything and everyone in their path with hell fire and pestilence. To my knowledge – this has never occurred.


–Jeff Richards

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