More details on Jeff Richard’s overnight at Prince House

Tonight we had an incredible livestreamed paranormal investigation with amazing participation from our audience and supporters online. Last night, team leader Jeff Richards spent the night on location at the Prince house at Calgary’s Heritage Park. The video above is a small part of what he captured on camera. Below is the summary of his experience before our live investigation tonight.


He started down on the first floor of the Prince house and initiated his process.  Immediately he got a few names.  It was like somebody was whispering in the back of his ear. The whispers were about not liking the smell of cigar smoke.  Jeff didn’t have a cigar lit  – No Cigar!


Then he could hear what he thought were footsteps, like somebody was shuffling back and forth upstairs, on the second floor.  The hair on the back of his neck stood up.  He got enough nerve to climb the stairs to the 2nd floor.


Then he started to feel sick to the stomach, like the energy was sucked out of him.  He immediately left the and went outside to get some air.  After a few moments and armed with the K2 meter and the Ovilus he went back in.  The Ovilus responded right away and spit out the letter M.  Then the word COUGH.  This confirmed what Jeff had heard ealier…he had heard shuffling feet on the 2nd floor, and as well someone coughing on the 3rd floor.


It also became apparent that the spirits were not comfortable with the electronic devices.


The Ovilus said ELECTRICAL.  Then Jeff asked the spirit, “Are you comfortable using this device?”  The response was…an emphatic NO.


At that point, he decided to go non technical.  He placed a small music box in the children’s room on 2nd floor and he invited EMMA PRINCE to play with it.  As he was talking to the camera and inviting EMMA to participate.  He heard a bang, bang, like a painting had fallen off the wall from somewhere in the house.


He  stepped out of  the children’s play room and looked around,  He spotted something sitting on the stairs.  He quickly swung the camera around and tried to focus  on it.   It was a door knob.  It felt like the door knob had rolled, or been tossed down the steps.  Jeff had no idea where this random door knob would have come from.


He decided to go to bed, and he had just fallen asleep when he was jolted awake by more footsteps from upstairs.


He grabbed the camera and turned it on and went up to the second floor to talk to EMMA.   But, he realized that he didn’t have his flashlight.  He ran back downstairs, but couldn’t find it anywhere and, it was pitch black,  What the hell, he thought I”ll  just do it as safely as possible.  He went back upstairs, and heard the first few keys being plunked on the music box.., tink, tink… He thought maybe it’s something explainable.  He asked the spirit, ,” Can you do that again?”  20 secs later it started up again.  He freaked out and ran out of the house, called security and left.

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