Extra research for Season 3 – Episode 7 – The Convent

What makes a place a hotspot for mystical energy?


From the Medicine Wheel that Jeff, Michaella and Tom visited to the spirits of the Catholic nuns who lived in the Convent Inn, Val Marie is town rich in spirituality and paranormal activity.


307-1For thousands of years, generation after generation of Sioux, Assiniboine, Cree, and other First Nations visited the land around Val Marie and used it as a campsite and location for special ceremonies. A place called the Buffalo Butte Ceremonial Site was especially well used by many people in the past, and even more recently by those drawn to its otherworldly air. The remains of a Medicine Wheel indicate that it was clearly considered sacred ground.


It was at the Medicine Wheel that Tom gave Jeff and Michaella pieces of quartz, which is not only one of the most commonly found stones on earth, but also has important associations with harmony and balance, clearing away negative energy and bringing purity.


Tom also left an offering of tobacco with red willow, a herb used by many First Nations people in ceremonies to give spiritual protection and even to help remember those who have moved on to the spirit world.


So what can explain the spiritual energy that surrounds Val Marie? It’s possible, as one of the guests at the Convent Inn Bed & Breakfast suggested to Robert, that Val Marie and its surrounding area are located along a Ley line.


These invisible grids criss-cross the earth connecting sacred places. One such line is believed to connect the ancient Aztec site Teotihuacan in Mexico with Washington DC, New York City, Stonehenge and Baalbek, an ancient Roman site in Lebanon which houses a temple to Bacchus.


Whatever the attraction to Val Marie is, the Medicine Wheel and the Convent Inn seem to be the focal points, especially for psychics, mediums and intuitives, many of whom simply show up at the Inn, claiming they mysteriously drawn to it or meant to be there. For its owners Robert and Mette Ducan, the good news is that the spirits and energy are positive, watching over the Convent Inn and the community, keeping it in peace.


— Sarah MacDonald

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