Ghost Girl “Sings” through K2 Meter

On October 11, 2013 the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan held a paranormal investigation with a group of 15 people and two of “The Other Side” hosts, ParanorBill and Jeff Richards.

When half the group entered a room filled with children’s garments, one of the guests held the K2 Meter. This was his first paranormal investigation.

The theory behind a K2 meter is that it reacts to paranormal energy. When the group entered the room, they began asking random questions in the hopes that the meter would light up to indicate a paranormal presence. They also delivered the instructions to light up once for yes and twice for no. This K2 meter had been quiet for about 20 minutes prior to this experience.

When the meter started to show some activity, the group attempted to communicate with the energy. Through yes or no questions they found out they were speaking to a four year old girl. The meter lights up to the tune when one of the guests began to sing.

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