North Battleford – Notes from Jeff – Season 1 – Episodes 3 & 4

Relationships on the set were tested in North Battleford.  For the very first time myself and Bill began to see cracks forming in our team.  This investigation would see us battle not only the spirits that occupied the small suburban Saskatchewan home – but each other.


Truth be told – Bill Connelly saved my ass in this episode.  I haven’t acknowledged that publicly until now.  He not only knew exactly what to do – but how to do it.  And although at the time I didn’t 100% agree with his methods.  I can appreciate them in hindsight.


Prior to the experience I had in North Battleford – I had believed that spirits couldn’t hurt you.  I could not have been more wrong. I remember standing in the bedroom with Bill, the K2 meter going ballistic. Threatening us. Then the sting started.  The feeling of heat on my neck. My hands by their sides – never coming to the affected area, shook.  I was in pain both physical and spiritual. My body had been violated by an unseen hand. My life would be different forever from this moment forward. I had been touched by the other side. Whom ever we were dealing with had attacked me.


The event shook me so badly that I actually began to get physically ill and needed to leave the space.  I stumbled out onto the dark street and puked my guts out.  I was scared. I had wandered quite a distance from the house – and Bill actually came outside to find me on the street – terrified.  I remember him handing me his protective pieces. His St.Michael pendant and his ankh. Helping me to get grounded.  To stay calm.  It worked – I was able to collect myself.


One of the most unsettling things for me that night occurred after the attack.  We made our way back into the private home and I distinctly recall the eyes of every single crew member.  They looked at me with concern, and fear. I felt like I had been branded with a mark that made the others present afraid of me.  I’m not used to people being truly terrified of me.  It made me feel sicker.


We wrapped shortly after the attack.  Bill, our director Rob and I made our way back to our hotel rooms.  Rob poured myself and Bill a shot of whiskey and we wandered over to a nearby McDonalds.  It was strange – almost like we had no idea where to go, but knowing we didn’t want to try and sleep.


I didn’t sleep that night. Not a wink. 2am…3am…4am…5am…6am. I just laid there in bed. Thinking about what this all meant.  What it meant for my personal beliefs. What it meant for my life.  What it meant for the show.  This night changed everything.

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One comment

  • Dana Orlando May 8, 2014  

    Hello All,
    I can understand how you felt, but clearly your strength will get you through. I too,had a very frightening & VERY disturbing experience many years back.
    One I can never forget. In my mind, the positive I see with what you experienced, is that it will hopefully enable anyone who may still be questioning the truth. It is a blessing we are in a time when you are able to share your work for all to see.
    Stay strong,
    signed in peace,
    PS. If you are interested in more details please feel free to ask. What happened was of a sexual nature & I felt this was not the place. ……