Bekevar – Notes from Jeff – Season 1 – Episode 1

Bekevar ChurchBekevar Church was easily one of my favourite locations from this season.  It was a beautiful picturesque location – and one of the first to really have me rattled.


I know in my heart that I have been gifted a rare gift. Call it intuition, call it a psychic link.  I firmly believe in my process and the results it yields.


The experience I had in Bekevar helped cement that for me personally. I’ve always been a firm believer of honouring a process and gaining results. If you stick to a process of communication and contact arduously, and you perform that ritual consistently you will  make contact. I don’t know how it works – just that it does.


The first day at Bekevar, I clearly remember walking into the church for the very first time and feeling eyes on me.  It was unsettling. Like something or someone was watching me from the pews in the balcony at the top of the church.  I decided to walk up the steps and situate myself in that upper level to work my first attempts at contact.


Pen in hand – details began to flood through.  It’s often like aiming a fire hose at a thimble. A deluge of names, dates, pictures, words. I need calm and quiet to sit and sift through it accurately.  That afternoon I very clearly saw initials and dates. The initials E.S. and  the dates 1942, and 1933.


Bill was purely sceptical – which is fine – I invite that.  He of course wanted to try and validate the impressions I got.  So he and I ventured to a nearby graveyard.  We found nothing.  Nothing even remotely close to connect what I saw, to a death, or a deceased person who had been buried near by.


The second day we decided to check out a second nearby grave yard.  Bill would leave the graveyard that day stunned. No longer sceptical.  We discovered a shared gravesite where a mother and a daughter were buried.  Both with the initials E.S., both with dates of death matching the dates I had received.  I was just as shocked. It was concrete evidence for me that I had made a connection.  That I had received information from a spirit at this location.  Now – if we could only validate it with direct communication.


The final night in Bekevar I made a controversial decision that never made it into the cut of the episode.  I decided to enlist the help of Jayson – the caretaker of the church.


The idea was that he would serve as a conduit to the other side.  That through guided meditation and relaxation he would open himself up to the spirits present, and they would begin to communicate. We sat in the darkened church, the camera crew with us – and Jason began to see the church as it existed in the time of the spirit we were communicating with. It was an incredible moment that never made it to air for a number of reasons.  I wish it had. Jason took a major leap, and trusted me.  The results were incredible.

photo (13) copyInside Bekevar Church




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