Western Development Museum – Notes from Jeff – Season 1 – Episode 2

The Western Development curatorial center was a building in which multiple spirits reside.  They are attached to the objects there.  Bound to Earth by the physical treasures of their mortal lives.  Everything there has such energy and draw – it seems fitting that the deceased are as attached to objects as the living are.


On the 15th of August 2012, we were able to directly communicate with a young boy who identified himself as “Daniel”. Through communication with Daniel we were able to discern that he is 6 years old.  He intensely misses his Mom and Dad. The little boy was not alone with us that night.  He was surrounded by spirits.  4 others may have been present with us.  They seemed to rally around young Daniel, eager to help him communicate with us.  In some instances they seemed to even speak on his behalf.  This case involved some of the most incredible direct contact footage and evidence in existence.  It was truly extraordinary.


At the conclusion of this investigation Tom conducted a beautiful ceremony meant to protect our team, and help Daniel to be reunited with his parents.  I think that was accomplished.


When the ceremony ended and the cameras were put away, myself, and Bill along with Josh from the WDM decided to go back and attempt to make contact with Daniel.  Out of curiosity partly, but also the confirm that the ceremony was a success.  We were met not with the spirit of the young boy – but instead with something much more sinister. Our session ended with no resolution.  We know that the malevolent spirit does not like investigators or the staff at the WDM.

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