Maymont – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 10

Day 1 – Maymont

Hey: It was a long but good day, as we started by ending the Borden story and then moved on to Maymont Hall. The sun was out and it looks like it’s around for another week.


After shooting some of our regular scenes at the old hall, Jeff and Bill started an investigation. The hall has many stories of a dark shadow, taps that come on, growls, bumps and thumps. Jeff and Bill had just started when there was a loud double thump on the stairway up to the projection room. They determined that a board had toppled over–one that would hardly do so on its own.


After the thumps, things slowed down. Roaming through the building and using a variety to devices, they got a few words that may have been random. Somewhat frustrated they gave up for the night. It may be that activity there is of a residual nature and not intelligent, or the spirits that do exist did not feel comfortable communicating with strangers.


We’ll do some interviews tomorrow and some extra digging and see if we can come up with some information and ideas about how to proceed in our second investigation.




Day 2 – Maymont

Hey: The second day at Maymont Hall was really great in that Mel (our contact) and his two buddies performed for us in the hall–guitar, vocals, harmonica and “bones”–a somewhat appropriately named instrument that is actually like playing the spoons. We shot these guys (ranging in age from 70 to 90) playing through a full song. They didn’t want to quit and some spontaneous dancing occurred with Tom and Mel’s wife. I asked John, our sound guy, to output a version for tomorrow’s investigation. He went a step further and mixed it so that the recording sounded even better than the live version.


The rest of the day was spent getting beautiful shots and a few bits and pieces with our cast.


Day 3 – Maymont

Hey: The final day in Maymont had us interviewing a couple of young ladies who spent a lot of time in the hall, taking dance lessons. They had a number of stories, from a dark shadow to running taps, screams and voices. As the day went on other people stopped by to add more renditions of stories. Generally a lot of people seem to think a soldier haunts the hall.
We shot Tom near the river, looking for a stick from which to carve the stem of The Other Side pipe–part of a web series we are doing.
As night came, Jeff and Bill continued the investigation. We sent Bill under the stage (where people say they have heard sounds). He got a brief scare early on when he thought he came across a snake. Bill also looked up in the attic. He and Jeff tried through various means to make contact and played the music we had recorded with Mel’s band–The Car-Mel Country Band. That seemed to get some responses. I was captivated listening to it, as thousands of dust balls created orbs on our security camera in the main hall–and imagined cutting from the guys to that security camera, with the music playing.
It seems the hall has a lot of history to it and would be a grand place for spirits to reside. But in our time there we only found signs of residual haunting. And had some fun doing it.

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