Maymont – Notes from Jeff – Season 2 – Episode 10

Mark Twain once said – “when you fish for love – bait with your heart, not with your brain.”  I think in many respects this is also true of when you go “fishing” for ghosts.


The best investigations we’ve done have been fueled by emotion, intuition, and never critical thinking. When we as a team feel a case, and follow our hearts – what we get is verifiable proof of an afterlife and incredible connections.


Admittedly there may be those of you reading this right now, thinking “Investigating something with emotion as the drive versus critical thought and examination – doesn’t sound much like investigating to me!?”


Admission – we obviously allow for both. We are as scientific as we can be, as critical as we need to be, and as analytical as we have to be. BUT – at the heart of the best cases we have worked there is a strong emotional connection. A story that raises the stakes for us as a team, and draws us to work harder to make contact happen.


When that emotional story isn’t there, what can take the place of an emotional connection on a human level?


A trigger object.


In this episode our object was a simple piece of music – the type that may have echoed through the hall for decades before our arrival. A simple song, sung by a local band.


Trigger objects are emotionally connected, physical, auditory or olfactory objects or acts that an investigator might use to elicit a strong response from a spirit. The idea is that they will be able to either a) draw out the spirit or b) cause them to react in some way. Think back to the fishing reference at the beginning of the article. Trigger objects are essentially bait.


Do they always work?


Very often we find that there is a spike in activity. I definitely feel that the usage of the music as a trigger inspired the spirit to feel a little more comfortable with us. It definitely brought out the emotion present in the Maymont Hall.

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