Meet Jeff Richards, Host

Jeff Richards is a well known psychic entertainer and intuitive who is sensitive to the paranormal. He uses contact ceremonies (formerly known as seances), pendulums and his highly-developed inner knowing to respectfully contact “The Other Side”.

Jeff survived a car collision involving four vehicles. In the weeks prior to the accident, Jeff had a dream; seeing, feeling and experiencing every detail as if it was really occurring. The several weeks of bed confinement that followed the accident allowed Jeff to analyze and question everything he had ever known about intuition.

Although Jeff is of Aboriginal descent, “The Other Side” was his first opportunity to approach  paranormal phenomenon using Aboriginal Spirituality as shared by elders, healers and medicine people on the show.

The creation of the television series has had a profound effect on Jeff. “I have always aimed to enrich the lives of others by opening their eyes to world of the unseen. A world often misunderstood and taken for granted. This show has opened MY eyes to that world on a level I could have never anticipated. I now see that my journey of exploring the complexity of the afterlife is just beginning, and I now have a new understanding that will guide me on this path.”

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