How to use an Ouija Board

Advanced ouija communication on the set of "The Other Side"

Advanced ouija communication on the set of “The Other Side”

The ouija board is an incredibly powerful tool for spiritual contact that has been given an unfortunate reputation as being a magnet for evil spirits. Proper caution must be exercised (as with any tool it CAN be dangerous), but it is in no way something that should be viewed with fear.

I’ve already extensively covered the proper way to protect yourself while using a ouija board, and hopefully dispelled some of the popular fears the board carries. This time I would like to share with you the best possible ways to ensure your session using a ouija board is successful.

For many of you reading this you may have unused a ouija board previously. Please put aside any preconceptions you have, and follow the instructions I’m sharing with you to the letter.

Your board and pointer can be a simple creation of your own using a piece of heavy card board laying out the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, and the words yes, no, and goodbye. For the pointer simply use an inverted shot glass. Commercial boards can also be purchased and utilized, though there is no real benefit to them over a homemade board. A board of your own creation also has a much more personal feel and can be decorated in a way that speaks to you or the types of spiritual energy you are looking to attract.

There is no need for low light when using a board. Simply create a relaxing atmosphere. This may include lighting candles, playing soothing music, or burning incense.

1. Clear the area of negative energy with the simple ringing of a bell, or the smudging of the room using sage. You must establish your protective barrier (salt circle placed around the area in which you are working, or salt across the thresholds of the doorways). Ensure your protective elements are on your person (a simple piece of obsidian or apache tear will do), again – you can’t be too careful when working with talking boards. Please also note that it is necessary to attempt contact using a ouija board with another person. Using one by yourself is not advised.

2. Everyone who will be participating should sit with their feet flat on the floor, hands loose at their sides, breathing normally, trying to relax as much as possible. Calm yourself and imagine that you are breathing in soft, positive white light. Feel it filling you from head to toe, driving out any negativity that may be present within yourself. Feel the light filling not k key your body, but the room – washing over the board and everyone present. If you feel necessary you may say a short prayer or other affirmation.

3. Declare your intentions out loud. An example – “Tonight I would like any spirits present to communicate directly to me using the tool before me. I perform this act tonight with nothing but good and pure intentions. With nothing but love and respect for you and for this process.”

4. Select one person to lead the session. This person will ask the questions, open and close the session, and communicate with the spirit.

5. Place the planchette (the official name for the pointer and what I will refer to. Your planchette might be a shot glass) in the centre of the board. The other participants should now lightly place their fingers on the planchette. Begin your session by asking “is anyone there?” It may take several minutes to get a response. If you have never used a board before this period may be extended. Several factors are at play dictating the speed of the responses. From the focus of the participants to the openness they carry towards this process. The question should be repeated until the planchette begins to move towards the “yes”. The planchette should return to the centre of the board at this point. If it doesn’t simply ask it to. Please do not push the planchette. Simply allow it to happen.

6. After establishing initial contact the communication can continue as follows. “Are you willing to speak with us”, “do you have a message for us”, “please give us your name” etc.

7. Ensure that someone present is recording the responses with pen and paper, the messages you are receiving may be garbled or seem to take a longtime to come through. Please recognize that the spirits are using a great deal of energy to cause the movement you feel.

8. Avoid questions about the fates of people present. Asking “when will I die” as an example is not the highest and best use of your time here. The board nor the spirits can tell the future. It is not an oracle and should not be approached as such. Also consider the source – spirits are as capable of deception as the living.

9. Get to know the spirit you’re speaking to, but bare in mind that keeping the session short is advised. Continue for no longer than an hour.

10. At the conclusion of the session ask the spirit to say goodbye. Wait for the planchette to move to the goodbye space on the board. This is important. Not ensuring you receive a goodbye at the end will leave the session and the board open. You wouldn’t leave the physical doorway to your home open – nor should you the spiritual one.

11. Cleanse the space once more by the ringing of bells or smudging with sage.

12. Your session is complete. Refer the notes you took to historic records. Verify that contact has taken place using real facts. Can the names and dates be verified? Can a grave be found?

Be open and enjoy the experience – communication with the spirit world can be a wonderful thing.

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One comment

  • Christiana Marinou April 9, 2014  


    I started using Ouija board yesterday. Last night me and my partner encountered a person who claimed to have been an Irish male who died in 2010. He said his name was mabmam. He mispelled his city’s name and claimed to have had a girlfriend of 3 years and a child. At first he only wanted to talk to me (i am a female) and slowly opened up to my partner as well. He claimed that his partner’s name was ‘melz’. I asked whether he was aware of his death (very very politely) and he said yes. He claimed to be okay. He was open to conversation and when i said if we could talk again he said yes. The light of the candle was going off so we quickly told him to move to the goodbye.He did so. We asked whether his name was Matthew and said no. He seemed pretty concerned about us knowing his name. (In contrast to a spirit we subsequently encountered with, who did not care about us knowing his name).
    Today in an attempt to see whether the board was possessed we did the ritual : Are there any good spiritis who would like to talk to us right now? Please communicate by the board. We only wish good spirits. It went straight away to the goodbye.
    We would like to know whether mabmam is an code for something?Was he trying to tell us something? He also claimed to think that his partner was the one for him. Do you think that it was a bad spirit trying to gain our trust?
    (Also he did not try to do anything sneaky as move the planchette to the four corners or do 8’s on the board). When he was instructed to stop moving he did so.)

    Thank you for your post.It has been enlightening.