Atlas Coal Mine – Notes from Jeff – Season 1 – Episodes 11 & 12

The Atlas Coal Mine was, an impressive location steeped in darkness and desperation. A number of deaths, corruption, prostitution, and violence are all part of the mines history. A history that we would have to struggle to uncover despite an unwilling sprit who was desperate to hang onto his secrets.


The mines were an interesting location to work on for a number of reasons. 1) the notable locations where activity has occurred were spread out across the entire location.2) we were shooting late in the season and the temperatures would drop very low at night which made it incredibly hard to stay warm at night. Couple that with the persistent rain and we were left in a damp, cold, desperate location, not fun.


The most intriguing of places at the mine is the former mine managers office. It sits exactly as it would have when the mine was operational. From the papers on desks, books and items on shelves, to the locked safe in the office. It’s like a time capsule. In the office there sits a safe which was locked during deceased manager Harry Crowder’s tenure, and remained locked after his death.


While running an SB-7 session in the office I was confronted by crowder. Her asked me to leave the office – so I did.


Years prior Crowder’s smoking pipe was stolen from the office. This compelled me to attempt to make peace with Harry. I figured if we left him a replica of his pipe – it may appease him and he may be more likely to speak to us. There are times when we will use trigger objects as a means of eliciting a response. In this case it was one part trigger and two parts offering. I was hoping that this would make peace with Crowder. It didn’t work…

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