Senator Hotel – Notes from Jeff Richards – Season 3 – Episode 2

My return to the senator was one that filled me with anticipation and dread. It was there that I had experienced a direct physical manifestation of spirit when whomever I was communicating with decided to make their presence known by pushing a heavy lamp off of a table. The experience disturbed me. If an entity was able to move such a heavy physical object – what could they potentially do to me?


Additionally my return to the Senator would bring me back to the last moment I saw Paranorbill and Priscilla. Their untimely departure from the TOS crew was surprising, and the last time we all spoke we looked forward to the new season of the program. How quickly times change.


Our investigation at the Senator Hotel allowed each of us to get our feet wet as we ventured into this new uncharted territory together. Michaella is a bright, spirited young woman. I’m looking forward to not only guiding her on her own journey in the coming months, but learning and growing from her as well. The road ahead is long and winding – but we are certainly prepared for it.


— Jeff Richards

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