Michaella Shannon

“I lost my sister and my brother. My sister’s spirit came to visit me – but my brother’s death remains a mystery. I see myself on a journey that transcends all cultures.”

Michaella Shannon – Paranormal Investigator

Michaella Shannon - Researcher - The Other Side Season 4

Michaella Shannon is a member of Frog Lake First Nations and is the first Indigenous woman to win the title Miss Teen Saskatchewan (2014), as well be the first Indigenous woman to place in the Top 5 of Miss Teen Canada. Michaella is a student, model, actress, singer, and facilitator. She is currently in her third year of university at the U of S, studying Aboriginal Justice and Criminology with ambition to become a Criminal Lawyer.

Not only is she an actively involved student, her previous endeavors include: the APTN television series called Rabbit Fall, a CityTV animation series called Space Stretch, Saskatchewan Tourism, Health Ministry and Teachers Association commercials.

Michaella has modeled in New York Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, Aboriginal Fashion Week, and Project MTF Montana U.S. She has done photo shoots for numerous designers/companies/magazine covers.

Although Michaella spends a majority of her time with the fashion, film, and media industry, her true passion lies in helping her community and being a positive role model. During National Addictions Awareness Week, and at other events, she facilitates workshops on alcohol and drug abuse and their close relationship to suicide. This topic is important to Michaella because she has experienced the death of both her eldest brother and sister. Michaella facilitates workshops for young women on reproductive health and self-esteem. She speaks to students about the affects of bullying, decision- making, and overcoming negative experiences. Michaella was a part of the Going Miles team, facilitating to First Nations youth. She has been called to speak at national conferences like “Honoring our Strengths”.

Aside from Michaella’s modeling, acting, singing, and studying, she spent two years as a peer mentor to first year students at the U of S. She sat as a youth participant on the technical working group of National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy program, is the SheNative and Neechie Gear Brand Ambassador, and is a strong advocate for her Indigenous community.

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