Tips for Using a Pendulum

Pendulums have been used for direct spiritual communication since the rise of the spiritualist movement in the 1800’s. Personally – I feel that a pendulum is one of the most effective methods for making contact. When one works with a pendulum — the direct link to the other side can be felt.  Pendulums are easily created with materials from around your home making them one of the simplest, and most accessible tools for anyone interested in attempting to make contact with a spirit. A simple 6 inch piece of string, or a chain with a weighted object attached to one end are all you need to create a perfect pendulum.


Special attention can be paid to the materials used in creation of the pendulum to make it personal and powerful for you — the user.  A chain or object of some personal significance will imbue the pendulum with our personal energy, making it even more powerful.


Below are essential steps I take in every pendulum session I perform.  I strongly suggest you review my process and utilize as much of it as possible.  This process has worked for me — I am a firm believer that if you honour a process, you will see results and be able to make contact.  As always, please exercise caution when attempting any form of spiritual contact. It is advisable to cleanse yourself before and after the session through smudging or another equivalent practice. I also carry rock salt and obsidian with me when attempting contact.  For me these elements are protective — and should shield me from any negative energy that may come through.


Attempting contact using a pendulum:


1)    Ensure your space is free from distractions and interruptions.  Turn off your  phone.  Make the space as comfortable as you can.  This may entail lighting candles, or soft music in the background.

2)    If attempting to make contact with someone specific — you may choose to have a photo of that person present.

3)    Have your pendulum in front of you. Focus your energy on the pendulum.  At this point begin to slow and focus your breathing. Draw breath in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and release breath too the count of four. Continue this breathing process until you feel relaxed and focused.

4)    Declare your intentions out loud. An example – “Tonight I would like any spirits present to communicate directly to me using the tool before me.  I perform this act tonight with nothing but good and pure intentions. With nothing but love, and respect for you and for this process.”

5)    Pick the pendulum up in your right hand — try to hold the pendulum as still as you can — while still maintaining that relaxed state.

6)    Open the session by asking the spirits present to move the pendulum in a circle to signal their presence.

7)    You may ask the spirit yes and no questions.  Ask them to move the pendulum in a circle to signal a YES, and a straight line to signal a NO. Demonstrate this.

8)    Pay attention to the movement of the pendulum.  Pay attention to the answers you receive and give the spirit present time to answer your questions. Ask a question, and wait a period of a few minutes for a response.

9)    Continue the session for no longer than sixty minutes.

10)  Close your session with the following: “I thank those present for communicating with me tonight.  I ask that you remain where you are — do not follow me, or try to continue contact. I leave you with nothing but love and respect for you, and for this process.

11)  Place the pendulum down. Extinguish your candles. This is a perfect time to smudge or perform whatever cleansing ritual you choose.


Congratulations! You very likely will have made successful contact during that session. If you were unable to — do not get discouraged.  This process takes patience, and confidence.  If you are open, and focused — it will work.


A variant of the yes/no application would be to place the letters of the alphabet on small cards in a circle on the table you are using. The pendulum when held in the centre of the table dangling from our right hand — will swing in connection to letters.  This way you are able to have the spirit spell things directly for you — similar to a ouija or talking board.  All other aspects of the process outlined above should be followed.

– Jeff Richards, Host of “The Other Side”

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