The Other Side: Season 7 Episodes

701 APTN Headquarters, Winnipeg, Manitoba: “Unwanted Visitor”

The team heads to its broadcasting home base at APTN to explore rumors of spiritual activity within the building. What they didn’t expect was a visit from something more sinister than anticipated, putting the team at risk. Bonus materials for Episode 701…

702 Ninette, MB: “Under the Stairs”

The team joins forces with a local paranormal investigative group to explore an abandoned sanitorium in Southern Manitoba. Sensing unsettling vibes, emotional connections run wild – is it friendly or is it foe?

Bonus materials for Episode 702…

703 Arcola, SK: “Life After Death”

Partnering with a local Paranormal group again, the team heads to a 100-year-old Courthouse in Rural Saskatchewan. Looking to connect with known spirits the team runs into one they think they’ve already met…and didn’t like.

Bonus materials for Episode 703…

704 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: “The Girl in Saskatoon”

In Saskatoon, the team explores a cold case hoping to uncover new insight into a nurse’s murder in 1962. Our spirit guide, Alan, draws a painful and deeply personal parallel between this case, his own loss, and the many missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

Bonus materials for Episode 704…

705 Arcola, Saskatchewan: “Leave Bobby Alone”

While investigating an old opera house, now a pub, in Arcola, Saskatchewan the team connects with an angry and powerful spirit known as Pete. For one of the pub’s owners, the encounter is a little too close to home, making him a true believer.

Bonus materials for Episode 705…

706 Selkirk, Manitoba: “Down with the Ship”

A marine museum in the prairies is home to several moored ships, many of which are believed to be haunted by lost souls. As the team investigates, they uncover some dark histories about life and death on the water.

Bonus materials for Episode 706…

707 Kenora, Ontario: “Why is the Door Locked?”

An old family house showcases some antique heirlooms and dark secrets about the family that once called the house their home. But behind some of its locked doors, the team is overwhelmed by intense emotions of anger, shame, and sorrow.

Bonus materials for Episode 707…

708 Moose Jaw, SK: “Spirit Vessel”

Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum in Moose Jaw is full of old buildings and houses. The feature piece is a boat that once belonged to a very eccentric Dutch man who lived in the area in the early 1900s, but still walks the grounds at night.

Bonus materials for Episode 708…

709 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: “The Life of the Party”

The team heads to the Hopkins Diner in Moose Jaw – one of the province’s most haunted spaces. Over the course of the investigation, two mothers – one in this world and another a spirit – are connected through their grief over the loss of a son.

Bonus materials for Episode 709…

710 Regina, SK: “We’re all Dead”

While investigating an old department store in Moose Jaw, Jeff receives an eerie message while Erin attracts a familiar and angry spirit. Sensing more danger, the team decides to regroup and rethink their investigation all together.

Bonus materials for Episode 710…

711 Brandon, Manitoba: “They’re Watching Us”

The team turns to some state-of-the-art technology to help them investigate the haunted Daley house in Brandon, Manitoba. As the investigation begins, it becomes clear they are being watched by multiple spirits – but are they friendly or foe?

Bonus materials for Episode 711…

712 Winnipeg, Manitoba: “Man in the Basement”

The team sets out to explore a haunted house in Winnipeg with strong connections to Canadian history. But, during the investigation the team realize they are dealing with a deceitful spirit that has tormented them before.

Bonus materials for Episode 712…

713 Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site, MB: “It’s Coming Out of the Wall”

Lower Fort Garry holds a lot of Canadian history within its stone walls, much of which is grisly and unsettling. The investigation is shrouded by sorrow as the team encounters the spirit of a family that refuses to cross over.

Bonus materials for Episode 713…

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