Canadian Ghost Hunters with an Indigenous Twist

Opening the door to the spirit world can have unexpected results; that’s why The Other Side’s team approaches every paranormal investigation with a healthy dose of respect.

Intuitive Jeff Richards, paranormal investigator Erin Goodpipe and elder and spirit guide Allan Adam know that whatever they find when they open that door, they won’t escape unchanged – and neither will viewers.

The Other Side is a half-hour television documentary series that follows a team of paranormal investigators in their pursuit to make contact with Canada’s most unsettled spirits.

For Season 7, The Other Side  team returns to the Canadian prairies to explore some of the scariest ghost stories in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Our ghost hunting team connects people with the spirits they sense around them, they transmit messages and uncover stories that are sometimes frightening, often poignant.

Whatever they discover, their mission is to find a resolution with the wisdom of Indigenous traditions at its heart, helping the living and the dead along on their journeys.

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Smudging with sage - The Other Side TV

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Bonus Videos from Season 6 - Episode 12 - Return of Lucky

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