Bonus video from Season 3 – Episode 10 – Learn How to Travel

Bonus clip #1 (above): During the paranormal investigation in Cowessess First Nation, Saskatchewan, Ivy communicates with the presence that has been haunting her home with Jeff and Michaella’s help.

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  • Terri Blandford December 28, 2016  

    First of all, I am fascinated by your show & the people involved with it. I’ve only had the opportunity to watch Season 1 by streaming it thru Amazon. I picked up on your website by watching the credits at the end of the show, so now I can watch the other seasons as well. Amazon only offered season1. I’m also glad that I did because through Facebook, I am able to comment in hopes that I may get a response back regarding my comment. There wasn’t anywhere to comment on your actual website that I could find. I want to know what happened to Bill & Priscilla, please?
    Second, it is totally awesome that Tom is involved. I have always known that Natives have the deepest respect & a special connection to the spirit world. I believe that I may have been a Native in a past life. I have a son I love more than life itself, who is almost 50% Ojibwa & his people are from The White Earth Tribe in Minnesota.
    Third, my beloved sister Adrienne passed on Xmas day of last year. She also had (has) a special love for Natives & their culture. I miss her terribly & my grief is still very strong & painful even tho I know she was probably ready to leave this life because it was quite painful for her. My mother was holding her when she took her last breath & told her it was ok for her to go because she knew her grandparents would be there to greet her & guide her to the other side. We believe she is at peace because we have seen orbs at specific times that are special to us & my mother has sent pictures of these orbs to a reliable friend who knows a medium that assures us that these orbs are Adrienne & she is happy & at peace. One of these orbs is surrounding me at the waist like I am being hugged by it. Is there anything I can do that will safely allow me to continue feeling or connecting with her loving presence? I can’t tell you how important this is to me. I like to think that we were close while she was alive & would still like to have a close relationship with her in spirit. I would like to have another form of confirmation that she is happy & ok? Is this at all possible, please & how would I go about this?

  • The Other Side December 30, 2016  

    Terri, thank you so much for your kind words about our show. Bill and Priscilla moved onto other projects between seasons 2 and 3. We miss them, but are very happy with the addition of Michaella to the team. She brings a new youthful energy and openness that has been of great benefit to the new set of investigations. Our team isn’t together between seasons, but if you want to reach out to Jeff directly you can do so through his radio program. It’s Facebook page is likely the most direct way to connect:

    Hope he is able to help. Blessings from The Other Side team