Borden Bridge – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 11

Day 2 – Borden

Hey: This one is late in coming as there was a development that took us into the morning after. The day was spent on interviews with people at the Borden Hotel, various bits of BRoll, Jeff and Tom getting a feel for the place. During that time a local gentlemen seemed to take exception to our efforts and went to great lengths to try and convince us that we were wasting our time looking for spirits at the hotel, or in Borden in general. He was also flabbergasted that we had spent time on the bridge.


Bad weather moved in, making me grateful we had got off the bridge the previous night. But while we were there on night one, Jeff had received some impressions that resulted in him drawing several shapes in his notebook. It looked like a plot with a headstone in it. He also got the feeling there was an old man involved, the number 70 and by today, a name–Nichola.


In the morning Jeff did some further research and was able to consult someone whose interests run to Saskatchewan cemeteries. Later, using a pendulum over a map, he located a spot near Borden where a small Dukabor community existed until 1909. Jeff and Bill drove out to Borden early and tracked down this sight on private land. The landowner was away, so they left a note and phone number. Later, we got the call. Bill drove out to see the place.


For today, we investigate the hotel where Tom had impressions of an older man. Whether this man and the man Jeff sensed on the bridge are at all connected, remains to be discovered.




Day 3 – Borden

Hey: What a crazy night. The cast and crew are getting road weary and it’s fraying people’s nerves. The investigation started in the lounge where Tom sensed an older man. Almost immediately the guys got “Nick”, which coincided with Nichola–the name Jeff had received. Through various means they got several words out of him, including “baby” and “Jim”, “marker” and “cleansing”.  Later they went upstairs and again established contact.


Using the SB7 and the Ovillus they again got words like “cleansing”. They also heard the sound of a baby on the SB7–something that has never before happened and which Jeff described as the most chilling thing he has heard.


At an eventual loss as to how to help this spirit they signed off. He seemed to want the baby in some way acknowledged or perhaps cleansed.


This morning, on our way to a new story, we went back to Borden and finally visited the old Dukabor community site together. There on a grassy rise was the tiny cemetery. All that remained was a headstone with Russian on it, marking Nichola’s grave. The land owner told us a baby’s headstone had been taken in the 1970’s by a hired man named Jim. All these names and numbers, scrambled over three days in several locations, came together in some sad but satisfying way.



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