Brother Jon – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 3 – Episode 5

Rosedeer Hotel – Day 1

Hey: We rolled across south western Saskatchewan and into Alberta again, dropped down between the clay hills and hoodoos around Drumheller and made our way to Wayne.We shot the opening of the episode and the end (a drone shot following the van). Then we started picking away at bits in between. We have to work around the working hours and clientele at The Last Chance Saloon. But what a place and what a backdrop!


Tomorrow we are going to dig into the spirit side of the story with Jeff following his intuition in a number of ways and then will end the day with our first proper investigation.


Everyone is getting tired now that we are on our 7th day in a row and at the end of the first half of filming. After the recent snow storms in Cypress Hills, the hot weather is welcome—though the mosquitoes and black flies are starting to rise up out of the trees and grass. But we are holding together well and all hoping for some excitement tomorrow night.



Rosedeer Hotel – Day 2

It was a long but special day around and in the Rosedeer Hotel.We started out shooting interviews and establishing shots. Tom found a great spot to do the cast and crew smudge. Our guests Dave and Paula joined us. On one side, the clay hills rose up toward the clouds. On the other, the green woods sprawled along the bank of a muddy creek.


To my surprise, the smudge took a turn as Tom presented me with a pipe. It seems my life will now gain a greater spiritual responsibility. Within a few hours of the smudge, a good storm blew in, the big rain drops causing the crew to  batten down and cover some of the gear. As soon as the rain passed, a double rainbow appeared across from the hotel, spanning the hills we had shot on the day before. Then it was time to start our investigation…


We started out in an upstairs bedroom, with both Paula and Dave. Nothing much happened in the beginning, but then Paula was asked to take the K2 into the hallway, while Jeff, Michaella and Dave remained in the room with the Ovilus. Very shortly Paula was getting hits on the K2 and then the Ovilus started communicating, confirming answers via the Ovilus with actual words. This was a first for us; two pieces of equipment in two separate spaces, working simultaneously.


What we discovered is we had a male spirit whose initials might be G.A. He confirmed to Dave that he was the one leaving dimes around the building for Dave to find. He lives on the third floor but does not want visitors. He also said there was a female spirit he called “devil” but we later decided it was not a demonic reference. The team moved further down the hallway to a spot where Paula often feels his presence. The communication went on for awhile but the spirit indicated it was time to “quit.”


The spirit seems to belong to the many stories we have gathered from people here—a man breathing on Dave’s neck, a man who followed Brett home and had to be sent back to the hotel,a spirit who opens the kitchen door for Colleen, a male presence that makes his presence known to Paula.


In reviewing the situation afterward it seemed that Paula was a pretty good conduit, so the team wants to try another investigation with her late this afternoon, to see what more they could find out about this man who shares the hotel with them.


All in all a pretty special day.



Rosedeer Hotel – Day 3

Hey Everybody: My last day of filming. Trevor took over from me for the final series of scenes. It rained all day but we had plenty of great exterior shots, so we focussed on what story pieces we needed. This included interviews with a few employees.


By design, Jeff, Michaella and Paula then conducted a daylight investigation on the second floor. With the rain, the bar filled with locals and tourists. The cheery atmosphere did not interfere with the goings on upstairs.


Jeff used Paula as a conduit. After meditating awhile, they made contact with a female spirit on the K2 and a little on the Ovilus. She said she was happy in Room 6 but missed her brother. She spelled his name as “Jon”. She said her hosts were friendly. We couldn’t agree more, as Dave and Paula and all their staff were so accommodating. We sort of feel like family around here now and though happy to be heading home for a rest, will be sad to leave this place. Despite the many hard times and hard lives in the history of this valley, The Last Chance Saloon is now filled with good times and good cheer for all who visit.


It’s going to be a helluva story.



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