Bonus videos from Season 4 – Episode 2 – The Long House

Bonus clip #1 (above): Indigenous elder and spirit guide Tom discusses how the long house fits into Mohawk culture and his feelings about being in this place that is the setting for the second paranormal investigation of Season 4. Bonus clip #2: Some behind the scenes footage captured during Tom’s healing and protection ceremony. Bonus […]

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Elder Tom Charles prays in the Mohawk long house in Kanata Village - The Other Side TV

Extra research for Season 4 – Episode 2 – The Long House

The Longhouse or hodensote is long narrow house covered in rectangular slabs of birch or elm bark and built by the Iroquois, which included the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca people. They were called Iroquois but they called themselves Haudenosaunee, which meant “people who live in the longhouse.”   The building of a longhouse […]

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