Bonus Videos from Season 5 – Episode 7 – Lighthouse Willie

Bonus clip #1 (above): The cast & crew are told PEI’s creation story during a paranormal investigation at the Westpoint Lighthouse in PEI, in the seventh episode of Season 5 of The Other Side.   Bonus clip #2: Lighthouse keeper’s great granddaughter Carol shares a colleagues paranormal experience.  

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Westpoint lighthouse - The Other Side Season 5

Extra Research for Season 5 – Episode 7 – Lighthouse Willy

The Lighthouse West Point, Prince Edward Island is a cape located in the southwestern corner of the island.  It was the tallest and first lighthouse built in PEI by the federal government following Confederation in 1873.  It was also square, much different than the usual octagonal shape of the day.  The lighthouse was built in […]

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