Bonus Videos from Season 5 – Episode 8 – Love U Brat

Bonus clip #1 (above): Extended footage of Jeff’s intuitive session during a paranormal investigation at the Kings Playhouse in Georgetown, PEI, in the eighth episode of Season 5 of The Other Side.   Bonus clip #2: Extended footage of the cast and crews first night of investigation at the Kings Playhouse.     Bonus clip […]

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508 - Georgetown PEI Kings County Playhouse - The Other Side Season 5

Extra Research for Season 5 – Episode 8 – Love U Brat

Nested into Georgetown PEI, the Kings Playhouse was originally built in 1887 as a place to hold both town council meetings and cultural events. The building became the heart of a small coastal town, knitting communities together in celebration, helping them survive long, cold winters. While Georgetown itself wasn’t officially incorporated until 1912, it was […]

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