Bonus Videos from Season 5 – Episode 11 – Sergeant of the Well

Bonus Clip #1 (above): Extended footage as Hal describes the history of the Garrison Cells at the Halifax Citadel in Nova Scotia, as part of the eleventh episode of Season 5 of the paranormal investigation show The Other Side. Bonus Clip #2: The team uses Hal’s ghost stories to try and trigger a reaction from […]

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511 - Founding of Halifax - The Other Side Season 5

Extra Research for Season 5 – Episode 11 – Sergeant of the Well

Halifax Citadel First Fort – The first of four forts was established in 1749 and played a pivotal role over the next decade in the Anglo-French rivalry in the region.  Various fortifications at Halifax protected Protestant settlers against raids by the French, Acadians, and primarily the Mi’kmaq in a conflict known as Father Le Loutre’s War. Second […]

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