Bonus Videos from Season 6 – Episode 3 – Mother Dearest

Bonus Clip #1 (above): Jeff hears a strange whisper while at the Dorchester Jail in Dorchester, New Brunswick, as part of the third episode of Season 6 of The Other Side. Bonus Clip #2: Bill, the jails owner, talks about the haunted nature of the Dorchester Jail. Bonus Clip #3: During their investigation at the […]

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Outside Dorchester Jail, NB - The Other Side TV, Season 6, Episode 3

Extra Research for Season 6 – Episode 3 – Mother Dearest

The Dorchester jail, was built in early 1800 and served as a death row facility for the province until executions were ceased across Canada in 1962. The jail, not to be confused with the Dorchester penitentiary, has a dark history with at least one murder, one suicide and multiple hangings taking place within its walls. […]

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