Dem Bones – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 3 – Episode 4

Day 1 – Saskatoon

The sun shone today and we spent several hours investigating our new location while we waited for Dawn, the home owner, to get back from work. Jeff got no signals when he went through the house. He and Michaella went in together and also got no readings on the EVP. When Dawn showed up she said she had woken in the morning with doubts and worries that the spirit that plagues her life would be upset by our presence. But she had decided to continue with us. Somewhat relieved but now apprehensive ourselves, we held a smudge, toured the house with Dawn and did our first investigation.


Jeff started with cards. After Dawn shuffled them, Jeff turned over “dream”, “man”, “shadow”, “stairs”, “curse” and “murder”. It was striking because Dawn’s story is about a dark man who invades their dreams and is often seen and felt at the bottom of the stairs. Then suddenly the SB7 went off in Jeff’s bag. It had been turned off. Jeff pulled it out and they had a spotty conversation with the spirit who said his name was Richard. This amazingly was the name Dawn has given him, after hearing him whisper it in her ear one morning.


The voice over the SB7 was gruff and seemed angry. He kept saying “mine”, seemingly more in reference to the house itself than Dawn. Michael heard a bump by the stairs and went to investigate. She had a strange sense that something was upstairs and that it moved down the stairs. The team decided to end the session. Afterward we shot them talking to Dawn, who was in a sense relieved the spirit was not attached to her. But more so she was angry that he was hanging onto her home.


We left it to think over and further investigate in the coming days. Michaella had researched the history of the house and reported that no one by the name Richard is on the record. It’s a mystery at this point but it feels like we are honing in on something. For a day that started out so quietly, it sure ended with a fascinating turn of events.




Day 2 – Saskatoon

Hey: It was a day riddled with bones–We spent several hours getting some driving scenes around Saskatoon. Nothing dramatic. It lulled us into a relaxed mood that soon took a big upswing. Tom asked me in the morning if he could hound dog his way through the house alone. So when we finally arrived at the house, he went in. In about twenty minutes he had found some bones in the crawl space in the basement. Jeff, Michaella and I went in to see. We were all excited and our imaginations ran wild—at first thinking these might be the remains of a small baby. Because of the way the space is constructed, we could not physically get at the bones but could clearly see several and we took photos, including a set of hips. In comparing them later on the Internet, they seem to be cat bones.


We shot a scene where Michaella surprised Dawn with Tom’s discovery and showed her our photos. Dawn was rather shaken, as she and the family very rarely go downstairs. They often “joked” that maybe there is something buried in the basement that keeps Richard hanging around. They also had a cat disappear years ago. Whatever those bones are and however they got there, she asked that we remove them. This will require pulling a large panel away. Tom will do the work and has an idea for a ceremony that includes the bones and some dirt from the basement, to draw “Richard” away with us.The challenge is we have no real clue as to who Richard might be or why he stays in the house.


We also spent some time interviewing various family members, including Dawn’s mother who came down from Onion Lake with a cauldron full of neck bones. The family and some of the crew had a little feast in the backyard while we finished our day and headed back to the hotel with a plan for tomorrow and the hope that we can help this family on our final visit.




Day 3 – Saskatoon

I don’t know whether to call this episode Dem Bones or The New Dawn.


We started the day digging in the crawl space to excavate the bones we saw yesterday. In no time we found a full cat skull view it now. It was a creepy find. Evilyn was with us and told us some pretty interesting ideas from China–like bad spirits can invade an animal. For a while we contemplated the idea that Richard had invaded the missing family cat. Then…


In the dirt we found an old photo of a woman standing by a car. On the back was written “Dawn”.it was so fantastic a find it hardly seemed true-that this woman had the same name as our host.  By checking with Katrina’s uncle Fred, the car was dated as 1938.


Later we shot a scene where Jeff and Tom showed Dawn our findings. She was stunned. It was decided we would attempt brief contact with Richard and then proceed to move him on. He resisted at first. The team also got a woman’s voice on the SB7 and it responded to the name Dawn. Eventually we closed the session. Tom conducted a sweet grass smudge with Dawn. The bundle with the bones and the photo are coming with us to draw Richard away. We will put it in the fire along our journey.


It was the most exciting find in a home since Gladeau in season one. And our adventure has only just begun.



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