Dem Bones – Notes from Jeff Richards – Season 3 – Episode 4

ep-304-photoThe finding of physical evidence during investigations is not at all usual. Yet, over the course of 3 seasons we have managed to uncover some incredible things. Our discovery at Dawn Mentuck’s residence is one of the most incredible. We managed to find a number of animal bones which we quickly recognized (and later verified) as feline in bones aside – I was most struck by the photograph. An old picture of a young lady standing in front of a vintage car. The picture looked to be from the 1940’s. What was more startling was the name inscribed on the back of the photo you could try these out. It seemed to say “dawn” our subject’s name.


That’s not to say that the woman in the picture was our subject – but there was now a verifiable connection that may have drawn the spirit present to attach itself to Dawn. Was her name being spoke aloud by friends and family members enough to draw the ire of a restless spirit? My theory is that the man we were dealing with was attracted to Dawn simply because of her name.


There is a good chance that Richard would hear the name, and it invoked a connection.


The woman in the photograph I do believe was the original “Dawn”. Someone who likely lived in the space years before Dawn Mentuck and her family began to inhabit the space.


Without the discovery of these artifacts we may have been left with no real leads on this case. It is important to follow our instincts when we work on cases such as this. Tom made the initial discovery of the animal bones. Had we cast it off as something that was of little value to the case – our searching would not have yielded such incredible results.


I suggest anyone reading this and participating in paranormal investigations to consider the value and the validity of hunting for just as much physical evidence and paranormal evidence while you investigate.  You never can be too sure what you may turn up and how it may relate to the case you are currently working on.


–Jeff Richards

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