Crazy Horse – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 1

They immediately made some contact and using one of their devices asked the spirit to spell its name. What came out was WEKANSICASICASIE.

Crazy Horse Day 1

Crazy Horse is a hell of a story. We started with some BRoll. We shot Priscilla and Bill watching a security video with the owner Karl. There was black mist and then Bill noticed what is definitely a face. Tom wandered around and got some sensations, as did Jeff–not necessarily human. We were told the land these buildings once stood on was used as a white man’s graveyard, which is kind of an ironic twist on the horror film genre…a reserve now haunted on a white man’s graveyard.

Anyhow on a more serious note, Bill and Jeff investigated the pawn shop and immediately got some contact. That seemed to develop into a child who attached itslf to Bill. His arms were cold and his hairs stood on end. They communicated with it and it spelled the word DRINK. Then Bill started to feel really ill. He left. We followed and then cut.

It was decided the guys would not go back in tonight. We shot a team meeting where the three male team members decided Bill would take an offering of water. Priscilla was not thrilled and questioned the sanity of offering a “gift” to a spirit that may have bad intentions. She stuck her ground through some discussion and debate and won the day. We were all impressed with her strength at this emotional and crazy moment.

Off to bed. More tomorrow.




 Crazy Horse Day 2

Day two here at Crazy Horse was a pleasant. with a few twists thrown into my original plan–which I happily followed. We started by shooting BRoll around the area and in Portage. Priscilla then did a nice interview with Karl while walking and talking in the bush area behind the pawn shop. Then on a lead we had yesterday, Bill, Jeff and Karl went to a local yard and looked at a grave marker for a woman who is probably “white.” Karl made an offering. It seems the whole area is littered with graves for settlers, their descendants and Dakota people, who took over the land in the last century. This may be a key to the activity at the pawn shop. It literally sits on an old settler burial area.

We shot Tom driving and explaining briefly how he found this location to begin with. Bill and Jeff had been invited to partake in a sweat with the local medicine man, Keith. I happened to run across him and Karl at breakfast today and had a chat. So we were allowed to film Bill and Jeff arriving at the sweat and some of the men getting ready to go into the lodge.

By all accounts Jeff and Bill felt cleansed and empowered. The question remained as to what we are going to do next? It was decided the guys would try to establish contact with the spirit in the pawn shop early on tomorrow afternoon and that we would then decide what the team, Tom and any locals may do concerning a ceremony or solution.

It’s all been rather fascinating. The people are very welcoming and we are all learning more about aboriginal beliefs and culture, when it comes to spirits.




Crazy Horse Day 3

Hello From Portage: We made history today, but I need to back up a bit.

Last night Tom had a dream about children laughing and speaking to an old woman in a language he did not understand. Just before our call time this morning, Bill smelled sulphur in his room and then the power in his room went out. This did not happen to anyone else and maintenance was called in to fix it. (On the first day Tom and some of us noted that the Pawn Shop smelled like fish. The odour was quite strong in one area of the room. Karl said it was strange and in fact in a few moments the stench was gone).

We started the day with a team meeting by the river to discuss the plan. They guys felt that, rejuvenated by their sweat the night before, they should go back in the pawn shop that afternoon and try to re-establish contact. To recap, we had a presence in there the first night, we had numerous white and aboriginal headstones in the area, we had feelings by Jeff that there was something strong and possibly inhuman present and we had Bill being touched multiple times and some electronic contact. So in they went…

They immediately made some contact and using one of their devices asked the spirit to spell its name. What came out was WEKANSICASICASIE.

While the guys carried on, I showed the word as I had written it to Tom and he showed it around to some Dakota people in the gas station. One woman texted her mother. The translation we got back was, Wakan shicha in Sioux means evil. By this time things were heating up in the investigation and Bill was feeling a bit under siege. So Tom went in. We cut soon after.

Keith, the local medicine man came over and he too translated the words in similar fashion. A long discussion was held off camera as to what to do. The events in the hotel earlier had us partly wondering if this spirit had followed us there. Keith did not believe the spirit was a threat at the hotel and said he had in fact encountered it several times over the last 30 years.We followed this up with Keith and Karl on-camera explaining that for many years this area around the gas station and bingo hall has been haunted by a dark spirit that feeds off the lifestyles of people who drink and gamble and so on. Keith has chased it away several times. It always comes back because it never really goes far–there is no “crossing it over” because it is not human. It lives in the trees and other places and then returns in time. He and Karl were going to do a ceremony with the cast to
once again push it out.

The ceremony involved a prayer, drumming, singing by Keith and Karl, smudging with an eagle feather fan. Jeff and Bill also received Dakota names. Keith had agreed to let us film all of it. At the beginning he stated on camera that this ceremony has never been filmed in all the 30 some years he has been doing it–but that he wanted it filmed so the people could see and understand. He was a very dignified and inspiring man. And Karl was an amazing participant.

After the ceremony the cast talked for a bit about how they felt strengthened and felt like a team, ready to face whatever comes in future. Tom said he envisioned arranging three more sweats for everyone along the way–thus making it a total of four sweats, a number important to Aboriginal people. This too made it on camera but once again we have a ton of material to slice and dice into 22 minutes.

We were glad we met people who were so accommodating and willing to take the lead in the end according to their beliefs. We said a fond farewell to Keith, the employees at Crazy Horse and Karl. As I said to him…when Tom and I stopped in for a coffee four months ago and decided there was a story worth investigating, none of us imagined the cultural breadth and the paranormal layers it would unveil.




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