Kerrobert Court House – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 1 – Episode 10

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We had internet trouble at our motel and the courthouse would not give us their WiFi password so communication has been almost impossible.


There’s a strange vibe in this town. Tom and I decided there’s a secret here or a lot of them. It does have a past history with the KKK and the Free Masons.

We shot a lot of little interviews and moments with the cast. Tom felt no need for a ceremony, but he had found a possible fire starter stone from days gone by in the gravel out front. He made a little bow and whittled a stick for it and was able to show Jeff and Priscilla how it could be used to start a fire.


On the first night, Bill and Priscilla worked together but got nowhere. Meanwhile Jeff locked himself into an old vault downstairs and went into a fascinating sort of catatonic state in which he made contact with a young girl who used him to write/scribble on paper and then took his hand and lead him around the dark basement. It was quite the thing to see and hear as he was without a flashlight and thus in total darkness. And yet he moved about rapidly and did not run into a thing, nor trip. He also burned his hand when he earlier grabbed a small candle and snuffed it out–something he did not remember doing afterward.


We got little interviews with some local paranormal people and a cool EVP recording from one of them. On this–I think we might want to consider repeating voice captures on any device, in any episode, at least twice–so the audience can absorb them. Or audio post brings them to a better audible level.


Priscilla went upstairs on the last night with an EVP and damn if she didn’t capture a voice whispering her name. So the guys took her with them to the basement. They too got some EVPs and moved around. Priscilla got scared and uncomfortable so they closed out the session. We ended with a little wrap up outside, in the dark as it started to rain. Generally they discussed Priscilla’s fear, the fact that the little ghost seemed scared of them and that they would say a prayer for her but that it was also time to travel on.


Getting cold out here.


Attached is the paper cut which may have too much material, so we may have to whittle a lot and make some hard decisions about leaving certain interviews and moments out.


Onto Drumheller–



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