Winnipeg – Directors Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 3

Day 1 – Winnipeg

Murray and I started our day early as we drove out to see the little Headingly Cemetery that is the focus of next week’s story. We also scouted the other side of the river from there and figured out how to get to today’s
first location back in Winnipeg. Making our way around the big city is proving a challenge, compared to the many rural areas we find ourselves in. Between heavy traffic and no parking zones and sometimes being in “the hood” we make do.


At call we started at an old railway bridge that’s now a pedestrian walking bridge where the team did a walk and talk  (aka Drumheller last season)regarding events the night before and the plan for moving ahead. It was decided that Kristine’s presence might have had a negative effect on the first night, in that she was anxious and afraid and at one point elbowed Tom out of the way to leave a room.  The idea going forward is Jeff and Bill will go in tomorrow night and, as they said–“Do what we do best.” We will see what comes of this and roll with whatever happens. Kristine will join us later in the evening.


We also shot Kristine walking on the bridge for the epilogue. At one end of the bridge is Jubilee Street and a famous ice cream joint. So we all took a break to have treats of immense proportions and took a few photos of that for social media. Tom had two ice cream cones and was happy for it. Then we took Tom and Kristine to where the Maryland Hotel once stood and where she, as a bouncer, aided a young man who was stabbed and later died. His spirit followed her home that night and stayed until a medicine man moved him along. Just another story in the life of Kristine.


We then shot BRoll of the city. We have a late call time of 6pm tomorrow so everyone can get a little extra rest. I am very curious to see what will happen–






Day 2 – Winnipeg

Hey All: This story is becoming more and more difficult to get a handle on. To add to it, much of the crew, some cast and myself have been feeling very tired and edgy. I was so tired last night I could not write this report until today. Even as I crawled into bed, Kristine started texting me and the cast with sightings in her home. She was frustrated that we had found nothing in her home during our first investigation. One could argue we have had some pretty heavy stories so far and that there was a big weather front that moved in yesterday and that this may be affecting our mood. But there’s more to it than that. Kristine has a very complicated history and life and an ongoing series of paranormal experiences that all seem connected and certainly feed from her.


This is the limitation of our show–given who we are and what we produce in only 22 minutes, it is hard to get inside and solve certain stories. I would not expect anything less from the world of the spirits. I am planning a team meeting at call, to try and keep us all together on this one–keep our focus.


Yesterday we did our usual interviews and pre-investigation filming. Jeff, Bill and Tom went inside for the night. They tried a myriad of things. Nothing happened. Today we go back in the rain with no inside scenes on the list to shoot and a dinner invitation with Kristine, who is making us roast beef and fresh garden vegetables. A home-cooked meal on the road and a mystery still to solve…




Day 3 – Winnipeg

Hey All: Our final day with Kristine started off-camera when Jeff met with her for some time to give Kristine some insight and some tools for her to explore her “gift” and work on issues from her life. Tom had presented her a medicine bundle the day before and had spoken to her about her natural father whom she has had no contact with for most of her life. He had also spoken to her about her father when he and I were in Winnipeg in May. Subsequently she made contact with him.


Bill had provided her with a number for a local paranormal group in case she wanted them to help her down the road. But the general thinking seemed to be that Kristine manifests these events. That they need no proving. She needs to understand them and accept them and feel safe with them happening in her life.


We started the night by putting Kristine and Priscilla in the house alone. This went on for a bit, as they moved from the basement to the upstairs. The guys watched and listened from our base camp in the garage (also shot). Eventually we called the ladies out to the garage and kept a number of cameras rolling to see if anything happened. It didn’t, so we shot a wrap up with Kristine wherein the team reiterated the tools and contacts they provided Kristine to continue her journey.


Kristine later informed Tom that her father wanted to meet with him. Tom agreed to do this, along with Kristine, on our day off.


It was an interesting story that netted little in the way of recorded activity but certainly delved into the power of the mind, the human spirit and the value of family.


Today some of us return to Dakota Tipi where they are presenting Tom with a ceremonial pipe and holding a sweat for us. It is a great honour for Tom and a day of cleansing for us.




The Evening

Very interesting night. We had a 6pm call time, which seemed to put everyone in a mild brain-funk with all the work they did before–downloading, photocopying, replacing an alternator in Tom’s truck, adding new shelving to the camera trailer–and waiting all day  to work.


We arrived at the house and set about readying ourselves for our final investigation. Bill discovered that the house was full of EMF bleed–faulty or non properly sheathed electrical wiring. This was affecting his equipment and in fact seemed to affect our own monitors and sound gear. Even when we shut off all the breakers, there was still high readings along one wall and the kitchen floor which made us think the line in from the city was improperly sheathed. This sort of high level can affect human health, from headaches, to nausea, to delusions and paranoia.


Bill and Jeff went to work and got random sounds out of their Ovilus . Jeff set about to make personal contact with the spirit. In no time his hand went cold and numb and he was lead to a rocking chair in the living room (which was once Kristine’s bedroom as a child and where she first encountered the dark spirit). Jeff was overwhelmed with feelings of fear and anxiety. He sensed the dark man was behind him and this was seemingly verified by Bill who registered an extreme temperature shift behind the rocker. Jeff struggled to defend himself mentally and eventually moved to another spot. After that they got no response in any way and I called for a break.


I met with the full team and we had a great discussion that lead to the idea that this spirit was not human. It was a bully that existed because it could feed off the high EMF content in the house and the fear and anxiety that Kristine has had since a child–feelings Jeff experienced first hand. She no longer lives there but when she visits she gets uptight and weird things happen. Her parents do not feel or sense much of this at all, so it seemed Kristine’s anxiety and the high EMF levels were the “food” for this thing. Bill described it as a Fear Cage, a term sometimes used in the paranormal world where high EMF levels and the resulting learned anxiety feed a malevolent entity.


The solution arrived at, was that Tom would smudge the house and have Kristine participate by walking through with him afterward. We shot Tom going in the house with his bundle but, at his request, did not shoot the smudge. It was also decided that Tom and Jeff would officially (on-camera) meet with Kristine tomorrow and (off-camera) work on helping her strengthen herself–including(on-camera)Tom presenting her with a bundle she could use whenever anxious. And they would advise her to have her parents get the EMF levels and faulty wiring checked and fixed.


Personally, I am going to check EMF levels where I live and I was impressed with the way things were handled. I was reminded of the fact (as I have always believed) that a strong SELF can defend against a lot of what frightens or ails us in life.


On to the next adventure…



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