Headingley – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 4

The guys took some photos and believe they caught something. We will analyze it tomorrow. They also got a message via the K2 from Peter to Kris Korzenowsk, which was–LOVE MORE. Then Peter disappeared for the night.

Day 1 – Headingley

Hey Gang: I remember when the story of the little Headingly cemetery first came to our attention last winter. There were some reservations about creating an episode around 16 or so headstones in the middle of a field. But there was an endearing story about these men who had been hung for murder, whose bodies were never claimed, were buried along the river, exhumed and moved to a forgotten plot with a simple white cross.

Kudos to Joanne and Bonnie from PRISM, the local paranormal group who brought it to our attention and kept digging up (the pun intended) more details.

We started out on a sunny, windblown day doing an interview with Joanne about the history. We spent several hours getting a variety of gorgeous shots of the little plot and the cast approaching and leaving. It was decided that Jeff and Bill would do the investigation. As soon as they walked in and turned on some of their gear, they had contact. The Rempod was going off the chart and the K2 was registering activity. The guys worked their way along each little stone, saying the names out loud. Jeff quoted the verse from Jeremiah that sits below the cross. They locked in on P. Korzenowski.

Using our research we were able to know that P. stood for Peter. So the guys started referring to him that way. They fired up the Ovillus which gave them a few words like “hung” and “Anna.” Again the research paid off, as did our technology,  and I was able to get word to them via the camera team that Anna and Elko Cottick were viciously attacked (according to the case records) by Peter and two accomplices, who were after $1000 the couple were thought to have. There was no money and Anna (81 years old) died of her wounds. All three men were hung at Headingly in 1939, in a very rare triple hanging.

The guys took some photos and believe they caught something. We will analyze it tomorrow. They also got a message via the K2 from Peter to Kris Korzenowsk, which was–LOVE MORE. Then Peter disappeared for the night. As I walked up and said “Cut”, a star fell in the night sky. The whole thing was really exciting.

Tomorrow our PRISM ladies are doing some research on Peter and Kris. We are also going straight south about a half kilometre to the river, where we believe these men were initially buried. In the 1970’s their body parts started protruding from the bank and they were moved to their present spot.

All and all a truly exciting night’s work.




Day 2 – Headingley

Wowza. This Headingly episode is off the hook. We started the day by getting some scenes that clarify the details of the murder, for which Peter and two others were hung in 1939. It was also decided yesterday that each team member would bring something to offer to the dead. The plan was to make contact with Peter one last time, leave the offerings and go. The paranormal chucked in a  curve ball no one saw coming.

Jeff and Bill tried to make contact. Unlike the first night, they got nothing off the hop. The wind was mild but blowing from the south (the river being south of us). I was at our little base camp, listening and watching on the monitors. Tom came to me and said a handle on one of our coolers (shielded from the wind) had suddenly started to rattle. None of this was recorded. But within a few seconds, the guys made contact in the cemetery further south of us. It was as if something came from the river, blew through base camp and landed in the cemetery.

Having established contact with the K2 and Ovillus, the guys managed to be directed from the main cross to Peter’s headstone. But then they seemed to make contact with a child, who said it was 9 years old. Bill thought he heard a child off in the nearby field. No one else “on set” heard it, but Tom again came to me and said he had just heard a child in the field.

The entity the guys were in contact with, said it was not buried in the cemetery. It spelled the word HELL. When asked for its name, it spelled LUCKY. Here’s the thing–Last year, the team encountered a so-called child spirit at the WDM. Weeks later they met the same spirit in North Battleford who, when asked to spell its name, started with L-U-C…at that point Bill joked: “Your name’s not Lucky, is it?” In that episode it went on to spell LUCIFER.

Bill and Jeff assumed this same spirit was now stalking us here in Headingly. They quickly ended the session, Bill intoning Catholic prayers. He was angry and got a hug from Tom as he left the cemetery. Tom also smudged the cast, which we shot. Then after a few deep breaths, and, to end the story we set out to finish, the whole team went back into the cemetery with their offerings. Tom also smudged the area.

It certainly left us all debating and discussing the possibilities on the way back to the hotel. Was it the spirit from last year? Who did it attach itself to and what did it really want? How would we cope with it, should it manifest again in coming episodes? This dark trickster may become a paranormal thorn in our sides.



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