Prince Albert – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 8

Day 1 – Prince Albert


Hey: We made our way from North Battleford to Prince Albert in the early afternoon. As we have been going hard, I decided to change the order of things, give everyone an early night and not do an investigation on our first day at the Arts Centre.


We spent our time feeling out the place and doing a few interviews. The location is possibly one of, if not the oldest, public building in Saskatchewan. It has a lot charm and history and even once operated as the city jail. Tom actually taught art classes here in the early 1970’s (what hasn’t he done?) and said there was activity back then.


The team was getting all sorts of vibes and is excited to start investigating tomorrow evening. Jeff even had a series of thoughts or messages related to Dr. Seuss–which seems out in left field, but we’ll see what may come of that. There is a bell tower that Bill can climb up into and our hosts are happy to have him do it as the rope to the bell has been tangled for awhile and they are hoping he’ll fix it.


As the Dr. would say–

“And when things start to happen
Don’t worry. Don’t stew.
Just go right along.
You’ll start happening too.



Day 2 – Prince Albert


Hey: Day two had us doing some interviews and filming around the city. Our night work was delayed because the centre had evening classes going on–everything from cake decorating, to cookie baking, to group meditation. By 9:30 the building was finally empty and after a few technical glitches, we got to work.


Jeff and Bill started out in the basement, which now houses the pottery studio but was once the police cells. They made fleeting bits of contact with what seemed very shy spirits, maybe three in total. They got various words and blips on the Rempod. They then went to an upper gallery where Jeff had felt some inspiration the day before. His process is often fuelled by art, but on this night the room or something seemed to drain him .  The guys decided to leave an offering in the basement for the spirits there and promised to return tomorrow. All in all it was three hours of gently poking and prodding in the dark.


The mystery of a possible Dr. Seuss connection remains unsolved. Tomorrow we will take some advice from Tom and have some fun sending Bill up the old bell tower in daylight, just to see what’s up there. Then we’ll move into another night’s work in the hope that we can make more meaningful contact.



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