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Extra Research for Season 6 – Episode 13 – Lucky

Spiritual beings have no physical form, so they are unable to use vocal cords to speak audibly.  They are made up of energy so they need to connect with something that can increase their own power to help them telepathically manipulate items or people.  Types of energy-using items can be found in most paranormal investigators gear such as:  flashlights, KII meters, EMF meters, ghost boxes, or an Ovilus that generates words when the spirit wants to speak.  The entity may find this item less draining on its own energy than a KII meter where they must wait for each alphabetical letter to be said and then respond appropriately.

Lucky is a spiritual entity with what appears to have intellect and a strong will.  It is desperate and craves more power.  For what it has in mind it needs to acquire an inordinate amount of energy to be able to interact with The Other Side crew.  Lucky is like a vampire that needs to “feed” off available energy the electronic devices or humans emit.  However, this is not enough.  It wants to physically hurt someone.  It wants to get into the minds of the investigators.  It wants to break them apart and the only way to do this is to wait until the entire crew is assembled.  The more people the more spiritual power or energy there is to acquire.  It is, at this time, that the crew is less distracted with their own life and are concentrating on the current activities.  This is when the entity can “feed” off their collective energy giving it more power to physically interact.

Who or what is Lucky after and why?  What does it hope to gain by dividing the team?  Tom referred to Lucky as an associate of the devil, someone to do the devils’ dirty work.  But is it an evil minion, malicious poltergeist, or a mean, spiteful deceased person?  Whatever the agenda is, the two strongest-willed people seem to be in his sights.

— Joanne Schiavoni

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