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Extra research for Season 4 – Episode 3 – Mr Nasty

What attracts ghosts to you, your children, or your home?


If you are unaware of or unprepared for the consequences of playing with a Ouija board you could be in for a mess of trouble. Playing with a Ouija board is one way of inviting unwanted spirits (good or bad) into your home or even have them attach themselves to you. If a spirit senses that a person is sensitive to the paranormal it may attach itself to that person and use them for good or ill (much like Mr. Nasty in this episode). Without the proper training these spirits can be difficult to remove. Never taunt a spirit you’ve invited to your session. Treat all spirits with respect and make sure you properly close your session to avoid this hazard.


A house or home, whether old or new, can be the location of a tragic event. These type of hauntings could be residual (the same event happening over and over at the same time each day) or a spirit that has not moved on for whatever reason. Residual hauntings can also be caused by an object you may have unknowingly brought into the home. Whether part of the makeup of the house, or attached to an object, these hauntings are usually not malevolent and, if it’s an object, it can be removed from the home.


Losing a loved one is a traumatic event and your grief, and possibly their desire to communicate with you, makes their appearance or contact with you much easier. Embrace these moments and reach out to them and ask them to give you a sign that they are there. It may come in the form of a familiar smell, a breath of wind on your face or neck, or maybe small items related to them being left throughout the home. You may also be able to help them move on.


Spirits may present themselves to children because they know they are more open to the paranormal world without evening knowing it. Children see things as they are. They are open to all the wonders of the world and haven’t developed a disbelief in anything. Don’t always dismiss what your child says. They may actually be seeing someone there.


— Joanne Schiavoni


Photo credit: Haunted house on the hill

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