Extra research & update for Season 3 – Episode 10 – Learn How to Travel

Moving objects. Inexplicable breathing. Cold spots. Orbs. Spirit activity.


These are constants in Ivy Bear’s life. She has always been sensitive to spirits and paranormal activity so her haunted home on the Cowessess First Nation was an ideal place for The Other Side to investigate.


Prior to the investigation, Ivy’s home was the kind of place people avoided. People’s cars would break down there. Relationships would sour. Even animals shied away.


As the strong K-II reading  revealed, both Ivy’s son Houston, who passed away in 2000, and an aggressive presence were there.


Ivy could also feel the dark spirit’s presence very strongly, as it appeared in the form of cold spots. Some people believe that evil spirits, such as the one who frequently appears on The Other Side calling himself Lucky, Lucy or Devil, are actually demons, which are different than ghosts. They are more powerful, which could be why Houston’s spirit was being bullied. Aggressive spirits are a common feature of the paranormal world, but there are ways to deal with them.


Houston, meanwhile, used the K-II to communicate and made his presence known to Jeff with the blue ball, as he had done to Ivy after his funeral. Houston was giving a very strong sign that he was there by using the ball as an apport.


“I still have it. I remember taking it from Jeff and putting it in my pocket and saying ‘This is Houston.’ It’s still here,” Ivy told The Other Side recently.


Ivy also told us that during the investigation she is sure Houston used warm energy to hug her. “It swirled all the way around my body, from my calves all the way up. That was amazing, to be able to engage with my son and his spirit like that,” she explained.


Ivy’s not sure if Tom’s ceremonies resulted in the change, or if it is because she started learning to be a healer and uses crystals, smudges and offerings to pacify the spirits, but now her home is a happy place.


“Oh my goodness, I have company that’s coming all the time…My band is going to fix up my bathroom…Now I have horses in the pasture again. Our vehicles aren’t breaking down anymore. Things are settling down for all of us, for my husband, our kids, and everyone,” said Ivy.


That’s not to say the spirits have left. They haven’t. When Ivy returned home after The Other Side’s investigation her wedding picture had been mysteriously moved to a coffee table and a week after that a rack on her bedroom door had been moved. The spirits still open cabinet doors and move things. They also appear in the form of orbs, which she believes represent people from her life who have passed away. But they have also filled her home with warm energy.


“The energy was nice and calm. There was no more cold air. I could sleep better. It’s not scary now. Before the investigation it was so scary I would run out of the house. Now it’s calm and I enjoy being home. I feel comfortable,” she concluded.


–Sarah MacDonald

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