KII EMF Meter - The Other Side TV

Right from our first paranormal investigation, The Other Side team has used an electromagnetic field or frequency (EMF) meter to take environmental readings.

EMF meters detect electromagnetic energy through the use of one or more antennae that measure varying types of current such as AC or DC. The stronger the current, the higher the EMF reading.

While we cannot see electromagnetic fields, they are often present in the atmosphere from natural, electrical, and magnetic sources. Powered objects such as video and audio equipment give off electromagnetic energy when a current flows through them. Many natural sources of EMF exist such as the charging of the atmosphere during a lightning storm.

Our team diligently tries to identify and eliminate other sources of electromagnetic fields/frequencies before we begin any investigation. Our good old KII EMF meter is the one you see frequently in the show as we try to communicate with the spirits, asking them to touch the meter and make it flare up (once for “yes” and twice for “no” or to help spell out a word as one of the team recites the alphabet). It is one of our backbone pieces of ghost hunting technology.

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