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How to Smudge with Sage

Sweetgrass and sage have long been burned by First Nations people in Canada to provide protection and blessings. Many episodes […]

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Four Signs of an Entity

Although many people tend to dismiss unusual feelings, there are a few signs that you are in the presence of […]

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The History of Spiritual Mediums

Through history humanity has been fascinated not only with the human experience and the wonders of life and the natural world,but […]

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Tarot Cards & the Oracle of the Sun Deck

There is real power in the tools we use. The technical equipment holds the power to capture evidence, seize proof.   […]

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Jeff talks about Intuition and Protection Items

THE OTHER SIDE TV | North Battleford Part 2 | Jeff talks about intuition and some of the items he […]

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Jeff Richards Discusses his Process and Experiences

Jeff discusses his belief in the paranormal prior to joining The Other Side, as well as his processes when seeking […]

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