Finding things not to do/do on a paranormal investigation are many and varied depending on the location and even the time of day.  However, here are a few things not to do that are basic for every investigation.


  1. DO NOT TRESSPASS.  Ask for permission to enter public or private property.  Respect the location, the people, and the spirits that live there.  Being caught trespassing can lead to a fine or incarceration and could prevent you from investigating in the future.  It also gives serious paranormal investigators a bad name.
  2. DO NOT GO ALONE.  Safety should be paramount when conducting an investigation.  Go with a friend or two.  There is nothing worse than seeing or hearing something odd and having no way to verify it.  What happens if you have some type of accident and are incapacitated in some way?  With a friend or two around you have someone who can call or go for help.
  3. DO NOT SMOKE, WEAR PERFUME OR SCENTED DEODORANT.  Spirits sometimes emit odours such as the scent of flowers, smoke, or even the foul smell of rotten eggs to get your attention.  You want to be able to detect these odours and not be distracted by outside smells.   Smoke can also show up in your photos and be mistaken as ectoplasm.
  4. NO HORSING AROUND.  Keep unnecessary talk to a minimum.  How are you going to hear the subtle sounds spirits make if you are making a lot of noise and talking?  Spirits will show interest in you if you are showing an interest in them.
  5. DO NOT PROVOKE A SPIRIT.  Unless you have done your homework, you do not know who the spirit is or the personality of the spirit you are trying to communicate with.  You could make the spirit very angry and they may decide to attach themselves to you and make your life miserable.  They may also affect your friends and family members.  These attachments may last for a short time or continue to disrupt your life for a very long time and are difficult to get rid of.

These paranormal investigation tips and tricks provided by Joanne Schiavoni, Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Manitoba (P.R.I.S.M.)