It is sad to say but some of the most active locations to find ghosts are areas where there have been misery and death.  Any place old or with a lot of history attached to it is a good place to start.

With information so readily available online you can research your city’s local history or a location you are interested in.  Here are a few more locations.  Remember, do not trespass.  Take advantage of the site’s available viewing times.

1. Cemeteries & Graveyards

One of the first locations people tend to think of are cemeteries and graveyards.  Why?  Because they are spooky looking and have dead people.  Some people say that there needs to be a lot of energy in an area for ghosts to appear, so why go to a cemetery where there is an obvious a lack of it?  The energy doesn’t come from the area but from the people that are already in it.  Each and every grave has a story of great sadness which can add to the psychic energy stamped on the area.

2. Churches, Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Ghosts may gravitate back to areas that have given them the most joy or sadness in their lives.  Where else but a church, hospital, or nursing home where they experienced their greatest joy, their wedding, or their greatest loss, the death of a loved one.  These experiences generate a lot of energy at the time and may imprint themselves into the very fabric of the building.

3. Battlegrounds

The world has been around for millennia so it is very likely there have been battles of some kind in your area.  Battlegrounds don’t have to encompass large areas or be extremely famous.  Skirmish sites will carry just as much weight.  Remember, it is the strong emotions and feelings of the people in the battle that is left behind for us to find.  Residual energy is just as possible as active spirit energy.

4. Schools & Universities

Old schools or universities are bound to have some history of tragic events that may attract the spirits of students or staff.  They may attract spirits because of all the energy given off by the students there.  There could be a lot of psychic energy imprinted on the area.

5. Museums

Ghosts are said to attach themselves to objects that meant a great deal to them in one way or another.  A woman that loved to cook might attach herself to her favourite pot or cooking utensil.  A man may not want to part from his most prized possession, his car.  Or, in a tragic death, the spirit may attach itself to the object of their demise.  Either way, a museum can be an excellent place to look for spirits.

These paranormal investigation tips and tricks provided by Joanne Schiavoni, Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Manitoba (P.R.I.S.M.)