Some spirits have the need, for whatever reason, to speak to someone on this side of the veil.  It may be to just let someone know they are okay and happy.  It may be to console and give comfort.  Some can be very specific, like telling you that you are making a bad decision.  If you encounter any of these be calm, be aware, be observant, and be open-minded.  Look for obvious man-made occurrences.  If you can rule these out then you can assume that someone is trying to contact you and you can start to figure out who and why.


So, how do they go about this?  How does someone who can’t be seen or heard get your attention?  It’s not like they can pick up a phone and call you or show up on your front door step and knock on the door – or can they?


1. One tried and true method for anyone, alive or dead, is by touch.  The feel of a hand on your arm, a caress on your face, or playing with your hair.  Some spirits can be a little forceful and give you a good poke or even scratch you.


2. Spirits are said to consist of energy that can be measured by electrical devices.  So it stands to reason that they can manipulate electrical objects around you.  They could try and get your attention by making your lights flicker or even turn things on or off.  To give you a hint as to who it could be they may try and draw your attention to something specific like turning up the radio volume on a song they liked.


3. Dreams are the best way a spirit can communicate with you since you are at your most calm and there are no outside distractions.  Try and remember your dreams and analyze them.  It might be a good idea to write them down.  What were they trying to tell or show you?  Dreams can be comforting, illuminating, or even prophetic.  Pay attention.


4. If the spirit has something really important to impart, they may actually manifest themselves to you.  It will most likely be when you are quiet and alone and can give them your full attention such as standing at the end of your bed or even sitting on it.


5. Cold spots are created by a spirit using the energy around it as it moves from one location to another.   You might be able to follow cold spots.  Where is it leading you?


6. Smells are another way that a spirit might let you know they are near.  They want to make sure you know who it is so you might get a whiff of your mother’s favourite perfume or your father’s particular pipe tobacco.


7. Are your pets behaving a little strangely?  Is your dog barking or growling at some unseen entity for no reason?  Or for that matter, wagging his tail excitedly at something?  Does your cat seem to look at something or someone in the middle of the room and stretch to be picked up?  You know your animal best, could they be seeing someone you don’t?


8. Do you hear odd noises or voices?  Knocks and raps, for no discernable reason, could be a spirits way of getting your attention.  Hearing your name called or whispered in your ear is another way.  You may also hear footsteps or notice doors open that you know should be closed.


There are many more ways a spirit can try and make contact.  All you have to do is be open to the experience and be there for their message.


These paranormal investigation tips and tricks provided by Joanne Schiavoni, Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Manitoba (P.R.I.S.M.)