smudgingParanormal investigations deal with the spirit world and should therefore include some form of spiritual protection.  Investigating without spiritual protection before and after could be opening yourself up for an entity to attach itself to you or your equipment.  Protect yourself, the people with you, the homeowners, and your equipment with some kind of prayer. These are a couple suggested by our friend Joanne Schiavoni at Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Manitoba (P.R.I.S.M.). What are your favourite prayers or rituals heading into an investigation?



May we be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his Might!

St. Michel, the Archangel, defend us and be our protection against all evil and negativity on all levels.

May the Divine light of the Archangels surround us with their love.

We ask that all negative thought forms, lost souls, residues, elementals, and fragments be permanently healed and taken into the light, that all may be freed according to the highest will of God.

May we be purified and blessed upon every level of our being, in the work we do, and be given more Divine power and protection.

Thy Will Be Done! Thank you and Amen.


In the Name of all that is Goodness and Light,

Surround our Circle in the White Light of Holy Protection.

We ask that no harm befalls or follows the Protected Circle,

And that Our Quest benefit all who are among us.

In the Name of all that is Goodness and Light,

We thank Thee for Your Protection of Holy White Light.



God bless every corner of this house, may Peace dwell within,

Protect all that come and go, whether friend or kin.

Bless every door and window pane and every ceiling and wall

Bless every closet, nook and cranny, crawl space, or basement bless it all!

Bless the roof and ground surrounding with your protective love and light

Hold us in your loving care every second of every day,

in every way from early morning into sheltered night!

Let all be in your complete perfection as you intended

Release all negativity into your confirmed light that is extended!

We thank you and expect your miraculous intervention

Clearing all with purification, Love, Peace, and Joy as divinely intended!


Spirits of light, we appreciate and thank you for your time and wisdom.

In the name of Jesus Christ we command all spirits, energy, and entities in this place to return from whence they came and be bound to the confines of this location.

You are not allowed to attach to us or our equipment or follow us.

We ask that the Holy Spirit watch over this place and the people in it,

cleansing this space with Holy Light, keeping evil at bay.

We command all inhuman spirits to go where Jesus Christ

tells you to go, for it is He who commands you.