You want to go ghost hunting but you don’t know where to go.  Let us assume you haven’t heard any ghostly tales about your town/city.  You won’t have to leave the comfort of your chair or even go to the library because, your computer is your new research partner.

One of the first places you can look is “Google“.  Try searching the phrase “haunted places in your town/city“.   You should have a fairly decent list of items to look over.  Read through them and you will get some places to investigate.   If your Google search brought up an address or a name, search for that and see what you get.

Once you’ve chosen a location to look at, try searching through the archives of your local newspaper.  Most newspapers let you search their articles or may direct you to an archives section.  Some of their Halloween articles might even give you an idea of what type of haunting there is.

Check out your city’s home page.  There are lots of links where you could find the history and age of a building.  Some pages may even have heritage links.

Try your local historical society.  Most historical societies have an excellent list of articles about the people, places, and events of the city.  This is a good spot to get information on some of the people connected with the location.  It is so much nicer to be able to direct your EVP questions to a spirit that might actually have been there.

Another excellent on-line resource is your local library.  Look through their research section, search for information on the places you want to go.  The library may have links to archives of your city’s newspapers you might be able to search with no fees.  Try searching for haunted places or ghosts of your city, just like you did on Google.  Your library could even have some e-books on the subject.

If you are tired of researching on-line and need a break, go to your local historical museums.  Take some of the pamphlets offered to the public, they are an excellent source of information.  Talk to the guides, they may provide you with stories of phenomena that have happened to them or what they have been told by other staff members or even visitors.  You may find the odd place where people don’t want to talk but, you could go home surprised at learning there are actually more haunted places in your city than you thought.

These paranormal investigation tips and tricks provided by Joanne Schiavoni, Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Manitoba (P.R.I.S.M.)