Virden – Team Leader Jeff Richards’ Dream – Season 2 – Episode 2

Sweeping into my life like smoke from a campfire miles away, this story. When the smoke came, it carried with it the tale of a young family under siege from an unseen assailant.

The smoke I speak of is a dream. A dream that came with such power, and realism I couldn’t possibly forget.

It was the day before we were scheduled to arrive in Virden, Manitoba. I had been brought in to Saskatoon for several production meetings. We were staying at the Park Town Hotel, and typically the nights had been comfortable. The last night we were there – I had a very strange dream.

I remember the dream very clearly. It focused on three figures, a greyed out smudged charcoal man, and two little girls whose faces I couldn’t see in the dream. The man spoke to one of the girls directly, calling out to them. The name he used was “Gracie” a name I hadn’t been privy to before this dream.

I was more than a little spooked by the dream as I got the distinct impression that the charcoal man did not have the best of intentions for the girls in the dream, especially Gracie.

I shared this vision with my fellow cast members. It was emailed to everyone working on the show the morning after.

When we arrived on the Cozens Farm I was astonished to have discovered that the eldest daughters name was in fact, Gracie.

This was a direct hit. An irrefutable vision. I had seen Gracie in my dream.

The man in my dream didn’t have Gracie’s best interest in mind.

There seems to be a pull that spirits sometimes have to small children. Their innocent minds and pure energy are no doubt the catalyst for this.

The spirit present in this investigation was no different. Lost and drawn to a beacon that was a little girl. A beacon shining brightly through the veil of the other side. A heart and mind willing to listen, willing to pay attention.

The entity present in the farm house felt like it was interested in loving Gracie, and by that sentiment harming her. “Hand” as he called himself – seemed unknowing of the barriers between children and adults. While I feel like the spiritual presence was an adult, I feel like they were delayed in some fashion. Not having the full cognitive function of a fully functioning adult. While I have no physical evidence that “hand” existed, I do believe that there are secrets connected to the farm and tied to those who worked, lived and died there in the past. Secrets that keep “hand” tethered to the space.

He met an unfortunate end on this farm. His story was buried with him.

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